Miscellaneous Articles

An eclectic mix of blues related articles

Blues Calendar – Birth and death dates of early blues artists and some notable gospel artists, jazz artists and civil rights activists.

‘Blues Humour’ – a collection of blues related cartoons, jokes and humorous images – compiled by Alan White . New article coming soon.

‘Blues Photo Collage’ – a stunning collage of blues photos – produce by Colin McNeill

‘Blues Definitions’ – by Max Haymes

‘Blues Singers and their Instruments’ (2021 updated version) – by Dai Thomas.    

‘Cairo, Illinois: A Community Founded on Great Expectations’ – by Alan White.   New article coming soon.

‘Chronology of Blues on Record’ – by Max Haymes

‘From Spirituals to Swing’, a 1938 concert honouring the memory of blues singer Bessie Smith – compiled by Alan White.

‘Gettin’ a Handle on those Monickers’ – by Alan White

Hogan’s Heroes’ – a tale about not letting Best Bitter go bad – by Ray Smith

I Woke Up This Morning – Introduction to Blues for the Newcomer’ – by Max Haymes & Alan White

‘One Story of the Blues’ – An Understanding and Appreciation of the Blues – by Max Haymes

‘Only Maloney’ – a tale about how Only Maloney got his nickname  – by Ray Smith

‘Second Story of the Blues’ – Jail House Blues – by Max Haymes

Things They Said’ (by early blues singers) – by Max Haymes 

‘West Pennine Boogie Blues’ –  a tale about Champion Jack Dupree – by Ray Smith


Mural, Leland, Mississippi
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