British Blues – Articles and Essays

Here is a series of articles and essays on the birth of British Blues, sources and influences, evolution of British Blues and where we are today.


‘American Folk Blues Festival and The British Tours (1962-1972)’ compiled by Alan White with memorabila from Brian Smith and Peter Bevan.

American Folk Blues Festival and The British Tours – The Blues and Gospel Train‘ by Alan White.

British Blues‘ from Wikipedia.

‘British Blues Over The Decades’ – looking back at key events in British blues by Darren Weale from the British Blues Exhibition.

‘The Blackwell Guide to Blues Records’ edited by Paul Oliver – a look at the guide by Alan Balfour from the British Blues Archive.

‘Blues Power’ – how the blues survived and thrived in the Sixties on both sides of the Atlantic by Alan Balfour from the British Blues Archive.

Blues Revival‘ from ‘Survey of American Popular Music’ by Frank Hoffmann.

Blues Specialist Record Shops in the UK – 1960s‘ by Max Haymes.

‘Diary of a Bluesman’ – the travels of a bluesman in a year long diary, written by Mike ‘Dr Blue’ McKeon from the British Blues Archive.

‘The Land Where The Blues Began’ by Alan Lomax – a look at the seminal work by Alan Balfour from the British Blues Archive.

London Blues Scene in the 60sPaul Soper shares his memories of the 60s blues scene in London from the British Blues Archive.

‘Charting The Blues’ – a series of articles on blues artists who were successful in the UK record charts by Stevie King from the British Blues Archive.

Classic British Blues Albums – a series of reviews of classic British blues albums from the 60s and 70s by Stevie King from the British Blues Archive.

‘Early British Blues Clubs and Venues’ by Alan White – coming soon.

Early British Blues Festivals – festivals with predominantly blues content in the early British blues scene including artists and bands that performed at the festivals.

‘How Britain Got The Blues’– from the liner notes of a CD Set with the same name, published by Rhythm & Blues Records.

‘Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee – UK Tour Souvenir Programme’ by Alan Balfour from the British Blues Archive.

more articles and essays …. coming soon.


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