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How Britain Got The Blues

This article is based on the liner notes from an eight CD set ‘How Britain Got The Blues’ published by Rhythm & Blues Records and reproduced here with permission. Details of Rhythm & Blues Records and the CD set may be found below. We would like to record our appreciation to Nick Duckett of Rhythm & Blues Records for granting permission to replicate such a fine set of liner notes. 

How Britain Got The Blues is a new series of 4 x double CDs highlighting the 240 or so songs most frequently performed by British beat and blues artists. Volume One spotlights the pre-Beatles skiffle and folk era and ties this in to the Blues Boom group material of the late 1960s. Three further volumes concentrate on Merseybeat, the London scene and the jazz and soul sounds that influenced the mod movement. In the late 1960s, when US college youth were likely to buy anything British labelled ‘heavy’, ‘progressive’ or  ‘blues’, the brand-leaders of the British Invasion: The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Ten Years After, The Jeff Beck Group and Led Zeppelin were, without exception, born out of the American music included in this fascinating collection.


Click the links below for the liner notes and listings of each CD set.

CD Set 1 :  1951-1966 Skiffle, Folk, Rock’n’Roll and The British Blues Boom

CD Set 2 :   How Merseyside Got The Blues

CD Set 3 :  How London Got The Blues

CD Set 4 :  Rockhouse – How Mods Got The Blues


Thanks to Nick Duckett of Rhythm & Blues Records for permission to reproduce the CD set liner notes here.