Blues Locations – Georgia

Details and images of towns, localities and areas in the state of Georgia historically related to the blues.

All location images are from my personal collection taken during several Stateside trips.


Atlanta , Sweet Auburn Historic District and ‘Hand Me My Travellin’ Shoes: In Search of Blind Willie McTell’ book signing tour

Almon and Curley Weaver

Columbus , Gertrude “Ma” Rainey and the area’s blues documentary work of George Mitchell

Macon, Otis Redding, LIttle Richard, The Allman Brothers Band and Lucille Hegamin

Savannah and Kate McTell

Statesboro and Blind Willie McTell

Thomson and Blind Willie McTell


Geographical context (courtesy Google Maps:

Almon is south east of Atlanta near Covington and Thomson is due west of Augusta (just below the 78 Shield on the map).



1.  Several details of locations in the section are taken from Wikipedia articles reproduced here for educational use only, augmented with photographs and links by Alan White

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