This website, ‘Earlyblues.org’ , has been created to replace the History Section of the original Earlyblues.com website and is entirely dedicated to the history and evolution of the Blues as an on-line information resource.

Listed below is a synopsis of the content of the website (as per the tabs above):

Essays – in-depth essays covering all aspects of the blues

Articles – articles, directories, image and photo galleries, memorabilia, and rarities covering all aspects of the blues and related topics

Culture – blues in Art, Poetry, Film, TV, Theatre, etc.

Exhibitions – exhibitions, photographic galleries, courses, presentations, documentaries and talks

British Blues – concentrating specifically on all aspects of the history of British Blues

Research – research projects and related Internet links, etc.

Reference – books, magazines, radio, websites, internet links and other recommended reference material and sources.

Thanks – thanks and recognition of the contributions and help received in creating and maintaining this website

Contact – contact details for readers, researchers and contributors

– all interspersed with relevant photographs, images, quotations and links, changing over time.

For those readers unfamiliar with ‘the Blues’ it may be helpful to first read my article ‘What Is The Blues?’ then browse through the website and enjoy!

Please note:
This all new website is being built to replace the original 20 year old Earlyblues.com History Section and is entirely dedicated to the history and evolution of the Blues. It is being developed over time, re-creating the old format content into a new more manageable and presentable format together with extended content. To keep each section as complete as possible there will be links to the old format where the material has not yet been re-formatted. When this is the case please click the back button or just close the page to return to this new format website.